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Relaxation Techniques

Cancer Survivors are usually subjected to stress impacting every part of their lives. Cancer is a multifactorial disease that requires a multifactorial solution, which addresses medical, nutritional and lifestyle aspects, along with mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. Relaxation techniques are used to provide cancer survivors with an alternative way to manage stress and aid in eliminating conditioned reactions and responses to stress.

Stress is your mind's and body's reaction or response to any positive or negative situation. There are many factors in life with the potential to cause stress. Harmful adaptations in the body to stress may include: increased cholesterol and triglycerides, increased blood clotting, damage to coronary arteries, increased blood pressure, decreased immune function, and many other negative internal changes.

Relaxation techniques are methods of countering the effects of stress and creating a sense of peace in the mind and body. Research show that the benefits of the regular use of relaxation techniques include: improved quality of life, enhanced outlook on life, improved sleep, less fatigue, improved healing time, greater oxygenation of blood, improved digestion, calmness of the nervous system, improved emotional state, improved relationships, reduced muscle tension, reduced neck & back pain, decreased heart rate and blood pressure, and reduced anxiety and depression, just to name a few.

The EASE Cancer Foundation teaches strategies and relaxation techniques to manage stress utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques specifically designed for cancer survivors. Relaxation techniques include passive muscle relaxation exercises, diaphragmatic breathwork, and guided imagery work.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy training also aids in identifying triggers that cause distress. It is important to learn how to confront distressful triggers instead of avoiding them. Survivors learn skills to reduce stress responses through desensitizing exercises. Applying these learned techniques results in breaking the cycle of cancer related-distress while implementing learned coping strategies and relaxation techniques.

Our classes include lecture and experiential time to sample different relaxation techniques in a safe environment to find methods that appeal to each individual.

If you- or someone you care about- could benefit from learning these powerful tools for improved mental and physical wellness, then please check out the Events calendar or Contact Us.

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