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Physical Activity

Cancer survivors undergo many physical and psychosocial side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Side effects may include fatigue, low fitness levels, body weight changes, decreased flexibility, muscle wasting, impaired sleep quality, lack of control, depression, social isolation, and body image concerns. These problems lead to an overall decreased quality of life. Many, if not all, of these side effects may be reduced or eliminated by physical activity.

The EASE Cancer Foundation has conducted a number of research studies over the last 5 years and we have come up with some interesting findings. Using a low to moderate intensity aerobic exercise program we have found: increases in fitness, decreases in body fat, increases in flexibility, decreases in fatigue and depression, increased ability to sleep, increased ability to do daily tasks and an increase in quality of life. All of these are important aspects of cancer survivorship and overall well-being.

In the program that we use, you can get these benefits by exercising 15-20 minutes a day for as little as three days a week. How long does it take to see results? Not long! In a recent study we conducted with breast cancer survivors, we found that people on this program significantly reduced fatigue in 2 weeks. These same individuals also significantly increased quality of life by 4 weeks (Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 37:5 2007). The results are individuals, who exercise in the manner we suggest, see results and see them quickly.

If increasing your physical activity is something you are interested in, sign-up for one of our weekend workshops or contact us.

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